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Reiki at Move It Studio
Downtown Lancaster, PA

It is hard to be a human in this world. 

So many of us are just barely keeping our heads above water.

Our sympathetic nervous systems are perpetually activated.

Many of us feel on edge and depleted. 

Trying to be everything to everyone.

We are living in a time of concurring social, political, and environmental crises. 

Carrying the personal, generational, and collective trauma in our bodies.

For many of us, it can all feel like too much. 

But we are deserving of rest, joy, connection, and love.

Just as we are. 

They are central to being a human in this world.

Rest, joy, connection, and love are central to you, to us. 

Take a breath.

Take a break.

Receive the energetic healing that Reiki provides.

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What is Reiki?

Rei: Universal

Ki: Life Force Energy


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is based on restoring and bringing into balance our energetic system. It is a holistic and intuitive light-touch therapy that brings energetic flow to our bodies. According to my Reiki Teacher, Angela Omulepu, "Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan is regarded as its founder, but many Reiki scholars believe Dr. Usui actually rediscovered a lost and ancient Tibetan tradition."


Receiving Reiki is an invitation to slow down. Bringing energetic flow that can clear emotional, physical, and spiritual stuckness. Stuckness that manifested from unexpressed grief, personal, generational, and collective trauma, stress, overwhelm, and all of the challenges we face being humans in the world. 

Reiki can Support with...


Acute and chronic physical pain.

Anxiety and depression.

Reproductive health.

Sleep health.

Ancestral and intergenerational trauma. 

Life transitions.

Inner child healing and connection.

And so much more!




What to Expect in a Session

  • All sessions are 60 minutes and are available in-person at Move It Studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays in downtown Lancaster, PA.

  • We begin with a grounding, check in, and intention setting for our time together.

  • You'll spend the session fully clothed laying on your back on a massage table. 

  • We'll close the session with a short debrief and any recommendations to support you with your intention. 

  • Ongoing sessions (monthly or biweekly) are recommended. Single sessions are available. 

  • The exchange is $100/session.

  • Weekend availability by request. Contact me to inquire about a weekend session. 

What Folks are Saying...

"I treated myself to a Reiki session with Erin and was truly blown away by the experience. Erin is warm, compassionate, and incredibly intuitive. I felt at ease immediately and very relaxed throughout the session. Erin's feedback about my energy was fascinating and I left feeling at peace, hopeful, and with a rejuvenated purpose. I highly recommend seeking her services. It is truly a gift."

- Laura B.

"As a lifelong seeker who has reached my mid-50s, I know the real deal when I feel it. Lovely and lively Erin is just that! My work with her has helped keep me present and grounded during some extremely stressful and challenging life changes. Working with Erin is like being wrapped in an empowering, warm blanket of love and understanding! She is the gift that keeps giving!"

- Meghan M.



Move It Studio

33 N Market Street, 2nd Floor

Lancaster, PA 17603

  • My practitioner space is located within Move It Studio, which is located on the second floor of 33 N Market St. Lancaster, PA.

  • The second floor is accessible via elevator.

  • Paid parking is available at Prince Street Garage on Orange St., Hager Parking Lot on the corner of N. Prince Street and W. Grant Street, or metered street parking. 

  • Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding accessibility. 

My Healing Philosophy

My work with clients and students is always a collaboration. I am not an expert and our work dynamic is not a hierarchy. Every client and student I work with has something to teach. I trust that everyone knows what they need and that we are all capable of healing. My role is to hold space for inquiry. To ask questions and support folks on their journey. To always meet my clients and students where they are.

I believe healing is a process, not a destination. It's life-long and multi-generational. It is messy, non-linear, and scary. It's beautiful and expansive. It is all of the things. Ultimately, healing is the process that brings us closer to who we are and who we're meant to be. Disentangling ourselves from who we were taught to be and from who we had to be to survive. Healing is the journey of coming home to ourselves


I believe healing is a radical act. I believe it's a powerful choice to seek connection rather than avoidance. I believe that when we look inward with  honesty, accountability & compassion, we can bring healing to ourselves, our ancestors & show up rooted for collective liberation.

I bring a healing justice lens to my life and work. In her book, Liberated to the Bone, Susan Raffo defines healing justice as, "how the systems we seek to change outside of our bodies are also carried within our bodies." Systems like white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, settler colonialism and how they manifest in beliefs (both conscious and unconscious) like homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, racism, fatphobia, ableism, and so much more. I recognize that I've been socialized within these systems and they live within me. Part of my work as a healing practitioner is to do the work of uncovering and tending to the ways in which these systems of oppression live within my body and lineage, to understand myself in relationship to place, community, and history. I bring this lens to my work with clients by supporting and encouraging their inquiry into how these systems live within them, as well as, by recognizing the ways in which these systems impact us differently depending on the many intersections of our identity. 


About Me

I was first introduced to Reiki by my friend and teacher, Angela Omulepu, while pursuing our Masters in Integrative Health Studies together at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I was fortunate to be a part of her first cohort of level one Usui Reiki teachers in January of 2016. We completed our level two training that spring and in 2019, I completed the level three training with Angela. I offered Reiki to friends and family by donation for years, offered my support to organizations like Ancestral Apothecary (now known as Ancestral Arts Apothecary) and The Botanical Bus, and worked as a Reiki practitioner at an in-treatment facility for teenage boys with mental health conditions. I am deeply humbled and excited to be offering Reiki to the Lancaster community in partnership with Move It Studio!

I offer this healing practice with tremendous gratitude to my teacher, Angela Omulepu, Reiki "founder" Dr. Mikao Usui, and the land and belief systems of Japan that shaped this practice. I offer this practice with humility, knowing that this is an adopted lineage rather than an inherited one, and with a commitment to doing so with respect and reverence. As well as continuing exploring and embodying the folk healing traditions of my Pennsylvania Dutch and Celtic ancestors. 

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