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Deep Dive

11 Session Package

  • We'll meet over the course of 6 months, meeting every other week, and I'll support you as you build and deepen a relationship with your ancestors, yourself, and the land you live on. 

  • This is for folks who feel ready to dive into the waters of ancestral healing & remembrance work. Those who are ready to answer the call of their ancestors. This work is lifelong but our 6 months together will provide a strong & supportive container. 

  • Our time together will be a spiral of building a deeper relationship with place, with yourself, with your ancestors. It will include finding an ancestral practice like song, language, crafts, food (and the list goes on and on) to support you, to help you remember the medicine of your people. It will include dreamwork, storytelling, ritual. It will include exploring what accountability, repair, and healing look like. For yourself, your ancestors, and the collective. We'll work with what emerges as the ancestors lead the way. 

  • The first and last sessions are 1.5 hours, and remaining 9 sessions are 1 hour.

  • The exchange is $1700; paid upfront or in monthly installments.

  • 10% of money received will be donated to a BIPOC led organization of your choice (receipts will be provided).

  • Sliding scale spots available.

Not quite ready for a deep dive?

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