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Ancestral Grief & Wisdom*

4 hour class

Designed for people that work with foster youth.

10AM – 10:30AM: Opening Meditation and Group Introductions

10:30AM – 11AM: Ancestral Grief & Intergenerational Trauma

11AM – 11:30AM: Activity – Sit Spot Practice

11:30AM – 12PM: Group Share and Integration

12PM – 12:15PM: Break

12:15PM – 12:30PM: Indigenous Mind

12:30PM – 1PM: Tools to Bring Clients

1PM – 1:30PM: Activity - Small Groups with Prompts

1:30PM – 1:45PM: Group Integration

1:45 – 2PM: Additional Resources and Closing

*co-created with Marisol Castillo, MA

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