"When we become aware of the moon’s cycle, when we craft rituals that follow her ebb and flow and when we are aware of the flux of her energies, we become embedded in the cycles and rhythms of life. Life ceases to be just a linear progression from birth to death and becomes part of a great round of constant regeneration. The moon is our monthly proof that darkness gives way to light, endings to new beginnings."

- Starhawk, The Earth Path

The Moon has gazed upon us for our entire lives. Waxing and waning. In darkness and fullness. She has been there, just as she was there for all of those who came before us, and will be there for all who come after. She's here, waiting for us to look up at her wonder. Waiting for us to listen to all she has to teach us. 

Many folks feel disconnected from themselves, from nature, from their communities. Life can feel monotonous, it can be easy to feel stuck, to feel lonely. The Moon teaches us that we, like the Moon, are moving through cycles. That we, too, contain darkness and light. That, like the New Moon, darkness is always the beginning; that we must have the darkness of the New Moon to experience the brightness of the Full Moon. 

The New Moon is the beginning of an entirely new cycle. A time to slow down and reflect on our journeys. A time to move into the next cycle with intention. 

We come together each month in community to honor the Moon, to honor ourselves, and to honor each other. We come together to remember -- to remember the practices of our ancestors, to remember our innate connection with the natural world.


We talk about the power of building a relationship with the Moon, the importance of facing into the darkness of the New Moon (and ourselves), and the astrology of the particular New Moon. Expect time for personal reflection, guided meditation, group integration, and intention setting. 

All genders welcome. Suggested donation of $20 (no one turned away for lack of funds).


All New Moon Circles are now being held via Zoom. Please email me at to receive the link.  

2020 Dates

  • Friday, May 22nd, 5pm - 7pm PST


"Erin's compassionate and grounded presence allows me to feel safe and held in our New Moon Circles. I am so grateful for her commitment to remembering our ancestral lineages and inspiring us all to remember who we are and where we come from, in a way that honors our multiculturalism and varied life experiences. In an increasingly disconnected world, Erin weaves a space where we can all connect to one another, the rhythms of the moon, and the wisdom of the earth. Thank you, Erin!"

Alyssa, Berkeley, CA

"The new moon circle that I attended was a profoundly healing experience, not just spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. I knew that I would come away from the experience feeling better in some way, though how exactly, I was not sure. I was blown away by how much Erin’s words and the actions and meditations that she guided us through improved my sense of wellbeing. The circle relieved my stress, made me feel more calm and connected to my emotional and physical needs, more connected to the earth, the moon, and the other people in our group. Additionally, the chronic pain that I have been struggling with for over 7 months seemed to subside during the circle and for several hours after. I am really looking forward to Erin’s next circle and I strongly encourage my friends to join us."

- Alex, Oakland, CA

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