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The Moon has been here since the beginning. The same Moon our ancestors prayed to, the same Moon we love, the same Moon those who come after us will look up to. The Moon has much to teach us.

It is time to learn. To listen. To honor. 

New Moon Circles

A monthly gathering to honor the Dark Moon in community. An invitation to root into the practices of your ancestors. An opportunity to unlearn linear thought and move/think/live in relationship to the Moon's cycles. A circle grounded in ancestral remembrance & community.  

Open to Everyone.

Next New Moon Circle

via zoom

Tuesday, August 18th

6pm - 8pm PST


What to Expect

We'll talk about building a relationship with the Moon, the Moon's cycles, and the natural world. 

We'll talk about how the Moon connects us to our ancestors.

How living in relationship with the Moon helps us in the lifelong process of unlearning systems of oppression. 

We'll journal. Self reflect. Honor the cycle we're in.

We'll be witnessed in community.

We'll talk about the medicine of the Dark Moon.

The medicine of darkness. Of beginnings. Of the unknown.

We'll learn about the astrology of the New Moon. 

We'll go within through a guided meditation. Connecting us to the Earth, to the Moon.

We'll slow down, come back to ourselves, to each other.

We'll set intentions for the new cycle. 

Suggested Donation: $20. 

50% of all donations go toward BIPOC led grassroots organizations.

Next New Moon Circle

via zoom

Tuesday, August 18th

6pm - 8pm PST

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"Erin's compassionate and grounded presence allows me to feel safe and held in our New Moon Circles. I am so grateful for her commitment to remembering our ancestral lineages and inspiring us all to remember who we are and where we come from, in a way that honors our multiculturalism and varied life experiences. In an increasingly disconnected world, Erin weaves a space where we can all connect to one another, the rhythms of the moon, and the wisdom of the earth. Thank you, Erin!"


What Folks are Saying

"The New Moon Circle reminded me to pause and think about myself as part of something so much larger. To acknowledge the dark moon, focus on the bright stars, and remember to keep my personal issues in perspective during these times of uncertainty and change."


"The new moon circle that I attended was a profoundly healing experience, not just spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. I knew that I would come away from the experience feeling better in some way, though how exactly, I was not sure. I was blown away by how much Erin’s words and the actions and meditations that she guided us through improved my sense of wellbeing. The circle relieved my stress, made me feel more calm and connected to my emotional and physical needs, more connected to the earth, the moon, and the other people in our group. Additionally, the chronic pain that I have been struggling with for over 7 months seemed to subside during the circle and for several hours after. I am really looking forward to Erin’s next circle and I strongly encourage my friends to join us."



About Me

I've been holding New Moon Circles since 2017. They started as a call from my ancestors. To connect with them through honoring the Moon with practices rooted in my ancestry. To share what I've learned from building a relationship with the Moon. The process of understanding myself, particularly my experiences of depression & trauma, in relationship with the Moon. The permission the Moon has given me to move through my cycles -- to be in my darkness, my brightness, and everything in between. The New Moon Circles have evolved over the years -- they were initially held outside at a labyrinth in Huchiun (Oakland) but COVID-19 has brought us together in an online community to honor the Dark Moon. Deep gratitude to the ancestors, the Moon, and the folks who have helped build this community. 

Learn about the next New Moon Circle & other offerings.

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