"When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors from wounds that run deep in our family. When we heal our ancestors, we heal the world from wounds that run deep in humanity."

- Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

Whether I am working with an individual or a group, our time together will be a collaboration. I am not an expert, our work dynamic is not a hierarchy. Everyone in a group has something unique to offer. Every client I work with has something to teach. I trust that everyone knows what they need, that they are capable of healing. My role is to hold space for inquiry. To ask questions and support you on your journey. To always meet you where you are. 

I believe healing is a radical act. When we look within, when we uncover what's been kept hidden, when we voice what's been silenced, when we face into the darkness, and when we learn to love ourselves true and fundamental change can occur. Change that ripples through our ancestral lineages, through our communities, through our world. Taking steps toward healing and caring for ourselves is a step toward healing humanity. 

I believe in the power of building relationships. Relationships with our ancestors, ourselves, the natural world, our communities. How deepening relationships will create a bridge toward healing. I believe in the power of remembrance. Remembering the stories and practices of our ancestors can help us uncover who we are. I believe in the power of ancestral remembrance work and how it can heal the core wounds of the collective.


I offer this work from a place of deep humility and gratitude. I offer this work because it is the foundation on which I stand. I offer this work because I fundamentally believe in it.  

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