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Group Work

I'm a group facilitator and educator specialized in mind-body-spirit awareness techniques, earth-based spirituality, and guided imagery. I facilitate classes, workshops, and circles such as Ancestral Grief & Wisdom, Conversations on Whiteness, Healing through Nature Immersion, Connecting with the Cycles of the Moon, and Ancestral Remembrance. I am passionate about creating space for self-inquiry and reflection to explore and uncover our innate wisdom within. My classes and workshops support folks to remember their connection with the natural world, the stories they carry within them, and to uncover where they come from to remember who they are.  

I have facilitated over thirty workshops, trainings and classes ranging in size from five to thirty people. I have taught trainings & classes at the Epiphany Center in San Francisco, CA, the Fred Finch Youth Center and Hipline in Oakland, CA. I have spoken at local womxn's circles and facilitate workshops regularly. 

What Folks are Saying

"Erin was invited to teach a class on Ancestral Grief and Wisdom for the women at The Epiphany Center, a residential treatment facility for women in recovery.  Erin was able to introduce intergenerational trauma and ancestral grief in an insightful and sensitive way that provided the space for the women to explore and tap into their own healing powers to break the patterns of abuse passed down to them. Erin's ability to offer profound tools for the women to explore their connection with ancestral stories and ways to connect with nature left a mark on the women that went beyond the time and space of the group.  As a participant in the group, I can tell you, Erin ’s presence and powerful energy allowed the magic of our own power and healing abilities to unfold with simplicity and grace! Erin is an amazing healer and group facilitator, and I look forward to working with her more in the future."

-Jessica, Integrative Wellness Coordinator

The Epiphany Center, San Francisco, CA



"As a white person of widely mixed European descent, I deeply understand that ancestral reckoning is a core part of healing from toxic whiteness within myself and showing up for the work of dismantling systems of oppression beyond myself. As a queer trans child of an Evangelical Christian pastor, even beginning to reckon with roots begins with touching deep pain, so I had avoided this work for many years. Marisol and Erin's powerfully gentle, wise facilitation allowed me to feel safe and brave in beginning the hard important work of reckoning with my roots in a deeper way than I have before. Generally, multi-day daylong trainings are not accessible to me because of my chronic illness, but Marisol and Erin worked with me to find a way for me to participate in the flow while also honoring the needs of my body, and I am so grateful. Marisol and Erin are gifted in listening to the flow and needs that emerge in the room and moving with what is there more than some preconceived notion of what Should happen, and we ended each day with spacious silence and grounding outside in nature - these elements meant that the deep work we were doing could actually be integrated into body and breath rather than staying in brainspace. The creative expression meditations they offered allowed me to access wisdom and healing from within me beyond what I knew was possible. The weekend gave me a foundation for continuing this lifelong process on my own and in other communities."

Orion, Oakland, CA

Ancestral Remembrance Workshop August 2018

Co-facilitated with Marisol Castillo

"Erin came to talk to a women’s group that my sister started. To give some background we are a group of primarily Latina and Asian women who previously have not explored spirituality, astrology, and the moon. With that being said, Erin was absolutely amazing in her approach of teaching us an introduction to the power of the moon and its connection to us and how we can track our emotions in relation to the moons cycles. She made us feel comfortable and made us feel included in the whole learning process. A big thing for us was how humble and culturally sensitive Erin was with us. Long story short, we are believers now!"

- Sonia, Antioch, CA

Womxn's Circle January 2019

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