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1:1 Ancestral Healing & Remembrance

It's time to reclaim and remember the practices of your ancestors before they were racialized as white, when they lived in relationship with the natural world. To remember the medicine that you carry in your blood.

It's time to build and deepen into a relationship with your ancestors who are here to support and guide you on your path, who are here to bring healing to you, your lineage, and the collective. 

It's time to grieve what's been lost, to face into what's been silenced. 

It's time to face into the truths of colonization and white supremacy within your ancestry and yourself. 

Now is the time to weave yourself back into your ancestral story.


"Deep healing can only begin when we step fully into the truth of our individual and collective histories." 

                                                       - Kimmy Johnson

Your ancestors likely experienced...




forced displacement.



religious persecution.

People who were forced to flee the land of their ancestors. 

People who sacrificed their culture and identity to survive.

People who didn't have the resources to process their trauma.

Your ancestors ...

were storytellers.

(they) dreamt together. worshipped together.

grieved together. danced together. sang together.

fought against oppression.

had unique cosmologies.

honored the moon & the cycles of nature.

celebrated joy & pleasure.

lived in relationship to the land.

understood the medicine of plants & food.

lived in community.

As people racialized as white, we can forget there is medicine within our lineages.

We can forget we have culture beyond whiteness, that we have spiritual practices.

We forget that resiliency and courage have been passed down to us.

Your ancestors were likely...



silent bystanders.




hoarders of wealth.

It can be easy to only see our ancestors (and self) as colonizers and oppressors.

It can be easy to avoid facing into these aspects of our ancestry and self. 

But we cannot heal (and change) what we do not see. 

You may feel...









When you think of your ancestors.

You may also feel...








All can be true. All are welcome.

(and you'll likely feel all of them at some point in our work together.)


What Folks are Saying...

"I had a truly amazing experience connecting with myself and my ancestors, starting a relationship to heal from generational trauma. Erin's knowledge and the practices we utilized in our sessions, along with exercises I worked on in between sessions, opened up a new channel of communication for myself. I have a more open ability to communicate, to ask for and give help, as well as thanks. I understand my family more, the challenges and choices that led to my immediate family's situation. I see more clearly how to heal, how to celebrate my people, and how to stay connected to my ancestors."

- Tierney

"Erin showed me how simple and powerful this work can be. That showing up with an open heart, sincere words, clear intentions, and simple habits can bring you so far. She has given me valuable language for self-accountability and a context/vision for how I can implement reparations into my personal and professional identities that I had been searching for."

- Rachel

"Working with Erin is a joy- she is kind, grounded and insightful. At the end of my sessions with Erin I felt whole. I felt clarity about where I was going in my ancestral healing and the time/effort that it would take to get me there. I felt less alone. I am very grateful that when I decided to get support in my ancestral healing work, that it was Erin that I found and chose. I highly recommend!"

- Claire


1:1 Ancestral Healing & Remembrance is for you if...

  • You identify as white and want to engage in this work with accountability & honesty. I.E. we will not be spiritual bypassing or culturally appropriating.

  • You're longing for culture and identity beyond whiteness. 

  • You're navigating how to build relationship with place when you live on stolen land.

  • You feel a spiritual void and seek practices rooted within your ancestry.

  • You desire to understand yourself within the context of your ancestral story and uncover what is asking to be healed.

  • You're longing for connection and a sense of belonging.

  • You're ready to break patterns of harm that live within you and your ancestry.

"When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors from wounds that run deep in our family. When we heal our ancestors, we heal the world from wounds that run deep in humanity." 

                                                - Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

The ancestors will guide the way and I'll be here to assist & support.

Dreamwork and a sit spot practice will ground you in our work together.

Guided Imagery will support you to tap into your unconscious to uncover what's asking to be explored.

You'll explore your birth story as we begin to weave you back into your ancestral story.

You'll research the medicine and practices of your ancestors.

You'll begin to remember the stories of your people. The beautiful, the scary. To understand all that occurred for you to be alive in this moment, to understand how you carry those stories within you.

You'll be invited to understand your story in the context of your ancestral stories. To understand your ancestral stories within the context of our collective history. 

You'll be invited into the process of deep healing. For yourself, your ancestors, and for the collective.

The Details

  • 11 sessions, held every other week, over the course of 6 months. The first and last sessions are 1.5 hours, remaining 9 sessions are 1 hour.

  • All sessions held via Zoom.*

  • Includes monthly group gatherings, curated readings, podcasts, etc. to support you in your journey.

  • The exchange is $1700; paid upfront or in monthly installments.

  • 10% of money received is donated to a BIPOC led organization of your choice (receipts will be provided).

  • Sliding scale spots available.

  • *If you live in the Lancaster, PA area, in-person sessions are available.


About Me

It would not be possible for me to do this work without the centuries-old efforts of Indigenous people and people of African descent to hold onto & maintain their cultural traditions despite cultural appropriation, colonization, genocide and enslavement. I have deep gratitude for the Indigenous elders who shared this wisdom and  taught my teachers, Atava Garcia Swiecicki and Kimmy Johnson, how to connect & build relationship to their ancestors and to Dr. Apela Colorado for stewarding their learning environment. I started studying ancestral healing & remembrance work with Atava & Kimmy while getting my MA in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I am a forever student committed to the path of healing, of unlearning settler-colonialism, of remembering. I offer this work from a place of deep humility and gratitude. I offer this work because it is the foundation on which I stand. I offer this work because I fundamentally believe in it.  

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